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Midnight Jasmine Scented Sizzlers (LIMITED EDITION)

£1.99 Inc VAT (20%)

Midnight Jasmine Wax Melt (LIMITED EDITION)

£1.99 Inc VAT (20%)

Pear and Vanilla Wax Snap Bar

£2.50 Inc VAT (20%)

White Mint and Pine Wax Snap Bar

£2.20 Inc VAT (20%)

Watermelon Bath Dust

£2.99 Inc VAT (20%)

Black Opiyum Bath Dust

£2.99 Inc VAT (20%)

Sun Blushed Rose Petals Scented Sizzlers (LIMITED EDITION)

£1.99 Inc VAT (20%)

Sun Blushed Rose Petals Wax Melt (LIMITED EDITION)

£1.99 Inc VAT (20%)

Fresh Linen Sink Freshener Powder

£4.99 Inc VAT (20%)

Fresh Linen Toilet Fizzers

£6.99 Inc VAT (20%)

4 Luxury Wax Bars For £10

£10.00 Inc VAT (20%)

Purple Rain Scented Sizzlers (LIMITED EDITION)

£1.99 Inc VAT (20%)

Purple Rain Wax Melt (LIMITED EDITION)

£1.99 Inc VAT (20%)

Energizing Scented Sizzlers (LIMITED EDITION)

£1.99 Inc VAT (20%)

Energizing Wax Melt (LIMITED EDITION)

£1.99 Inc VAT (20%)

Segment Wax Bundle – Carved Box

£9.99 Inc VAT (20%)

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Our Luxury Reed Diffusers are lovely additions to your home / workplace. With specially designed no-flip reeds.

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Scented Sizzlers
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Scented Sizzlers

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Room Fragrance Spray
55 products

Room Fragrance Spray

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Carpet Freshener / Scent N Vac
42 products

Carpet Freshener / Scent N Vac

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Just some of our customer reviews!

“Using the rosey wonderland reed diffuser and it is by far the BEST reed diffuser that I have ever used. I can’t believe how incredible this smells in my front room and the bottle is fabulous – luxury at it’s finest!”

“Thank you so much to the shopsense team, I am so happy with my purchase.”

Siera – Customer

“Hi. I’m new to your products and this week tried the dove wax melt in my new colour changing burner – very impressed. i didn’t know what to expect the first time but my flat smellsso nice and clean. I used detol carpet powder yesterday, hoovered n today i walked in from work and could still smell it thank you so much. I’m very happy.”

Brian – Customer

“Seychelles. Seychells is my all time favourite and I have to say THANK YOU for making this. I love it – I have no other words and I am so grateful that you make this as it brings back memories for me. Use the sizzlers on my upstairs landing and it smells insane. I use the wax melt in the dining room and love it. Next – Bahama Breeze! I love you guys!”

Gemzo – Customer

“Me and my wife are so happy with snuggle up and warming cashmere. i used the snuggle up room spray in our car and it’s such a nice long lasting smell. My wife is ADDICTED to warming chasmere, she loves it.”

“All I can say is thank you from the both of us, we love the smells.”

Ben – Customer

“Ordered pinky sands in the segment last week and I have to say that I am so impressed! It smells just like Yankee, even better and for such a great price too. Your packaging is really nice too and shows a lot of care.”

“I will be recommending you to my friends and family. Thank you so much.”

Leanne – Customer

“SNOW FAIRY SMELLS AMAZING! I ordered the large tub, brittle and spray. My daughter loves the brittle with the bow and the tub is so big i didn’t expect it. I cleaned today and used the spray on my cushions and can smell it now. Very impressed and my daughter has already asked me to try cuddles because she likes the name lol 😀 “

Kelly – Customer

“I dont normally leave reviews but I am sending this to say thank you. Aventos and sauvage are two of my favourite smells and I have used them today. I used the aventos carpet powder downstairs and the sauvage carpet powder upstairs and I am using the aventos sizzlers downstairs and the whole house smells incredible.”

Tom – Customer

“To the shopsense team. Thank you for making La vie est belle, as soon as I saw the flower wax melt I had to have it (I ordered the sizzlers too) and oh my god how amazing is the smell!!”

“Thank you for making my favourite perfume into a melt, my house smells AMAZING!!!”

Jen – Customer

“Hi – I just wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful products and quick delivery. I Love my order, I just love them all! They are beautiful scents and I am a very happy customer.”

“Thank you so much!”

Mis – Customer

“Received my delivery and they all smell amazing! I can’t believe how strong the rhubarb and custard wax melt is and I can’t wait to burn the other scents now.”

“Thank you so much for the quick delivery, I’ll be placing another order.”

Louise – Customer

“Hiya – I just wanted to say something about the products. The Postman delivered my order and wanted to say how perfect everything is, the packaging, the stickers (they really do give it the extra touch) the scent, absolutely everything! Amazing!”

Maggie – Customer

“This morning I received my snow fairy wax melt and these are a game changer my flat smells beautiful! Just perfect, all the little details, the packaging, the smell, the glitter, I wish I could write more.Recommending to everyone what an amazing business!”

Tanya – Customer

“Ordered Rose Wonderland in wax and sizzlers and I can’t believe how incredible the smell is my house smells gorgeous and it’s my new favourite smell.”

“PLEASE turn this into a room spray I love it!

Kendra – Customer

“Cuddles is one of my favourites.”

“I have tried many of your scents and love them like Strawberry and Lily but Cuddles is one smell that I keep coming back to. It makes my house smell so nice and theres something that I just love about the fresh clean smells.:)”

Becks – Customer

“Honestly your sizzlers are the best. I ordered some aftershave smells for my office and some others for my wife and she loves them so much. I use them every morning because I work from home and it makes the room smell so nice and it also helps me to concentrate on my work. “

 Stuart – Customer

“Love your products so much.”

“I have started by trying the wax bars and I love them and I tried the room sprays (snow fairy and spring awakening) that I use every day and love them too. Now I’m going to try the segment wax – frosted plum to start.”

Helen – Customer


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Wax Melts Sample Box

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Wax Melt Snap Bars

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Scented Sizzlers
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Scented Sizzlers

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Scented Cleaning Products

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Room Fragrance Spray

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Carpet Freshener / Scent N Vac

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