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Happy Easter from ShopSense!

Happy Easter!

From all of us at ShopSense HQ, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

We hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend and enjoying your products as much as we love making them for you! As you all know, we take pride in every product, making items with care to ensure that we bring you high-quality home fragrances and scented products for your home.

One of the products which we launched just over a week ago has been extremely popular – our Mint Chocolate Segment Wax. It’s a beautiful fragrance for this time of year and smells incredible.

(Mint ChocolateA beautiful fragrance which is a mouth-watering blend of milk chocolate and sweet peppermint notes.)

Next week, we have some exciting products being launched and as some of you will have already seen, we have added new categories to our website menu.

  • Home
    This is under our “more products” menu category and will feature some lovely home accessories.
    (Menu > More Products > Home)
  • Oopsie
    Here, you’ll be able to find some one-off products which may be the wrong colour, slightly underweight or imperfect.
    Don’t worry – they all smell amazing but have slight imperfections.
    (Menu > Oopsie)

We’re also considering a Limited Edition section to bring you some exclusive scents and products.

From all of us at ShopSense – we hope you have a lovely Easter and we’ll see you on our social media pages. 🙂

Facebook Group – ShopSense Group

Instagram – @shopsense_waxmelts

ShopSense x

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  1. Veta says:

    Your team and products are amazing xx

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