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How To Use Scented Sizzlers


How To Use Scented Sizzlers

People are familiar with wax melts but what about Scented Sizzlers?

Sizzlers are little aroma crystals, also known as simmering granules which are used just like your wax melts.

They’re a cleaner alternative, easier to clean and also quite versatile with many of our customers using them around their home.

Take a look at our tips below.

Using Scented Sizzlers

Over a tealight candle burner or electric burner

This is the main way to use your scented sizzlers / simmering granules – add around 1-2 teaspoons of sizzlers to your burner and let the fragrance fill your home.

The sizzlers won’t melt like wax melts, they’ll remain as crystal granules letting off the beautiful aroma.

Sizzlers in Organza Bags

A lot of our customers place sizzlers into organza bags – placing them around their home.

For example, in wardrobes, cupboards and even your car for a lovely fragrance.

Hoover Them

If you accidentally spill some sizzlers – just hoover them up!

After this, when you hoover, you’ll get a beautiful fragrance filling your home.


As you can see, scented sizzlers are a lovely way to fragrance your home and we have a variety of bundles to choose from!

You can also take a look at our Wax Melt / Sizzler Bundle which includes 12 wax melts and 12 sizzlers in a variety of beautiful fragrance to make your home smell incredible.


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