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Aventos (Creed) Carpet Powder


Aventos (Creed) Carpet Powder

Highly fragranced, this is a lovely carpet powder to freshen carpets and rugs.

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Aventos Carpet Powder

Uplifting and fresh!

Highly scented and great to use around the home.

Fragrance – Aventos Carpet Powder

Fresh and uplifting, this is a beautiful, timeless fragrance which is known and loved by customers.

How To Use – Carpet Powder

Sprinkle onto your carpets and rugs, leaving for a minimum of around 15 minutes.

Many customers leave the powder overnight before hoovering to freshen carpets and rugs.

Here are more uses for the carpet powder.


That’s right, you can sprinkle a little bit of powder into ashtrays which will help to absorb bad odours.

Mop Bucket

Along with your cleaning products, sprinkle a small amount of powder into your mop bucket for a fragrance boost!


A lot of customers sprinkle the powder onto their mattresses when changing the sheets, leaving for around 10 minutes before hoovering.

Carpet Powder Packaging & Size

Our carpet powder comes packed in a lovely resealable bag with over 200g of scented carpet powder.

We use the finest ingredients in all our products, ensuring a lovely fragrance.

Organic Powder is used.

Everything is vegan friendly, cruelty free and paraben free.


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