Baby Powder Sizzlers (Yankee Inspired)


Baby Powder Sizzlers

Soothing, refreshing and calming – a lovely fragrance for your home.

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Baby Powder Sizzlers

Love that baby powder smell? Look no further!

This is a soothing, refreshing and gently fragrance which will refresh and revitalise your home.

All you need to do is add sizzlers to your tea-light / electric burner and let the aroma fill your home.

How To Use – Baby Powder Sizzlers

Sizzlers. They’re used in exactly the same way as your wax melts – they smell stronger compared to wax melts and they’re easier to clean.

We use high quality ingredients to ensure a long-lasting fragrance – ensuring your home will smell incredible.

Vegan-friendly, pet friendly and child friendly!

Did You Know? Add sizzlers to organza bags and hang them around your home – in wardrobes, cupboards and even your car.

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