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Black Cherry Sachet Scented Sizzlers (Yankee Inspired)


Black Cherry Sachet Scented Sizzlers

Just like your sizzlers in a tub but much more compact and easier to store! Take a look at our scented sizzlers in sachets!

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Black Cherry Sachet Scented Sizzlers

Sweet, fruity and delicious!

Known for it’s fruity, rich fragrance – this is a beautiful fragrance for your home and an extremely popular scent.

All our products are made with high-quality ingredients to ensure you get a lovely, long-lasting fragrance in your home.

How To Use – Black Cherry Sachet Sizzlers

These are exactly the same as our sizzlers in a tub – they’re just much more compact and easier to store away.

Take a look at some of the ways our customers use these around their home.

Tealight & Electric Burner

Our scented sizzlers can be used on both tealight wax candle burners and electric burners.

Add around 1-2 teaspoons of simmering granules into your burner and let the beautiful fragrance fill your home.

Organza Bags

A lot of our customers add sizzlers to organza bags and place them around their home – for example, wardrobes and cupboards to freshen.

Make your home smell lovely with our sizzlers!


Add a sprinkling of sizzlers to ashtrays and it will help to absorb some of the bad odours.

Have You Seen?

Have you seen our range of Scented Sizzlers?

We use the finest ingredients in our products to ensure you get a long-lasting fragrance.

Make every room in your home smell great with our scented products and home fragrances.

Remember – we’re vegan-friendly, pet-friendly, child-friendly, cruelty-free and paraben free!


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