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Pet Odour Remover Sizzlers (Zoflora Inspired)


Pet Odour Remover – Sizzlers

A great option to make your home smell fresh and revitalising! Inspired by Zoflora’s pet odour remover, this is a lovely option to make your home smell lovely.

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Pet Odour Remover Scented Sizzlers

An uplifting fragrance to make your home smell lovely.

This will help to remove and neutralise any bad odours in your home, giving you a fresh, clean scent.

Scented Sizzlers

Also known as simmering granules, they’re a wonderful alternative to wax melts.

Easy to use and easy to clean away after use.

How To Use – Scented Sizzlers

We recommend adding 1-2 teaspoons of granules to your wax burner, letting the fragrance fill your home.

NO water required.

Suitable for both tealight candle wax burners and electric burners.

We’re happy to say that everything is vegan friendly, cruelty free and paraben free.

Have You Seen?

We have a lovely selection of sizzlers available in many different fragrances.

If there’s a scent or fragrance that you can’t see online, please get in touch as we’re always creating new items!


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