Working with brands and businesses from all around the world, we also help and work on branded products and merchandise – along with corporate gifting.

Our expert team make everything with care, using our top-quality ingredients and fragrances to provide you with the best.

This includes working on custom projects and working with custom fragrances (depending on the order quantity) along with other projects.

Nothing is too big or too little and our team are here to help you throughout the process.

Promotional Products – What Type Of Products Do You Provide?

We can help with a range of products and this includes the following.

Wax Melts – From our regular pots to our Luxury Bars. We have a wide range of options for you to choose from.

Scented Sizzlers – Whether you’re looking for an alternative to wax melts or something different, these are the best on the market!

Room Fragrance – Instant fragrance for any space. You can use these on-the-go and in any space from home to work. Perfume and Aftershave options are fantastic.

Car Perfumes – Are you looking for your own-branded car perfume? We can help with this as we have a range of car perfume bottles in different designs and a great range of scents to choose from.

Scented Products – Helping you with all your scented products, we can help with anything you need.

Promotional Merchandise – Anything you need for your business, we can help with. Just get in touch with our team.

Candles – We have options that you can choose from with some exclusive options that are fantastic as decor for parties and events.

Can You Help Me With An Event?


Of course – we can help you with any event that you’re planning.

From weddings to business meetings. Baby Showers to parties, we can help with all your needs depending on the style and theme.

Our dedicated team will be happy to help you and we can go through all your requests and requirements.

From an ongoing partnership to a one-off event. We can help you with everything you need.

Just get in touch with our friendly team and we will be happy to help you.