Here at ShopSense, our aim is to bring you quality products that can be used by all sectors and this includes our commercial scent diffusers for business, hotels and retail stores.

What Is Scent Marketing?


This is a key element to consider when it comes to your customers or space overall. There are a lot of points that can influence potential customers – including the magic of fragrance.

With the correct fragrances, you can build a connection between your brand and customer to make the overall experience enjoyable.

Through studies, we have seen that when fragrances are used correctly, it can lead to 20-40% of additional spending by customers.

This is where we can help you and your business – no matter the sector.

Industries That Benefit From Scent Marketing and Commercial Scent Machines

No matter the industry, all sectors can benefit from using fragrances and our commercial scent machines and diffusers.

The strategy of using the correct fragrance can help you in aspects and this includes an increase in sales, creating a fantastic brand identity with specific fragrances and creating a lovely atmosphere and experience overall.

Industries and Sectors That Can Benefit

  • Hotels: As soon as you enter a hotel, the ultimate goal is to feel relaxed and happy. Creating a comforting atmosphere is essential for you as a business and also for your guests. Hotel fragrances help to create memories and tend to have rich and luxurious notes without being overpowering.
  • Spa: A spa is somewhere you go to relax and with the use of key essential oils within fragrances, you can provide the ultimate experience. We can help with fragrance options that you can also provide to your clients, allowing them to take that spa-fragrance home with them.
  • Gyms: You need a boost at the gym whilst making your clients feel comfortable to work out within the space. The addition of using a fragrance that is invigorating and uplifting can work wonders. Promoting more time to work out whilst helping your team of personal trainers to boost their clients.
  • Retail Stores: Through studies and research, we have seen that there is an increase in customer sales when fragrances are used within a store. Strategic use of fragrances can create a great brand experience with, potentially, 20-40% of additional spending.

Health and Medical Sectors – Commercial Scent Machines and Diffusers

  • Hospitals: It’s vital to make sure that healthcare facilities are as stress-free as possible for both, your staff and your patients. Using specific scents, we can provide you with suitable air fresheners that leave a pleasant scent in all spaces with odour control – also known as odour elimination.
  • Nursing Homes: Enhance the whole environment for your residents, guests and of course, your staff. You can choose from our recommendations and you can have a look at odour control fragrances along with the use of essential oils that contain antibacterial properties to help with each nursing home overall.
  • Dental Offices: It’s time to transform the way your clients feel when they visit the dentist. You can look through our options of fragrances that feature anti-anxiety properties with soothing elements to make your clients feel comfortable during their visit.
  • Medical Clinics: All medical clinics and facilities can benefit from our range of fragrances. From clean and soothing to odour eliminating with benefits. There’s something for all sectors to use and benefit from.

Beauty Salons and Hair Salons – Scent Machines and Diffusers

  • Salons: Make your clients feel at ease before their treatments. You can choose from our comforting and relaxing fragrances or you can choose from our perfume-inspired or designer-inspired fragrances to make your salon stand out.
  • Hairdresser Salon: This is when your clients treat themselves and make themselves feel better and as a hair salon, you can provide that ultimate touch of luxury to your space with a special fragrance. From sweet and fruity to perfume and designer inspired scents.

The best part of our fragrances and our scent machines is that you can transform a space and how you and your clients feel within that space.

You can change your fragrances each month and you will also be able to speak to our dedicated team who can offer you with help and support.

If you don’t know where to start, feel free to get in touch with a friendly team member who can schedule in a video call or appointment.

No matter your request or the size of your work space or sector, we can help you with all your needs.

From small machines to larger scent diffuser machines, we can help.

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