The Power of Scenting

The world of fragrance is amazing and scents play an incredibly powerful role as they help to create the ultimate connection and atmosphere, whether it’s in the home, at an event, in business or any type of work industry.

Our sense of smell is believed to be one of the oldest evolved senses and with the correct fragrances being used, has a positive impact.

We have approximately 50 different smell receptors and these all work and impact different parts of our brain, including: Emotions, Motivation and of course, Memories!

Fragrances can help with all types of emotions and when using the correct scents, they can help to create a lovely atmosphere ranging from calming, soothing and relaxing to uplifting, energised and happy.

There’s so much to the world of fragrance and scents and at ShopSense, we’re here to help you.

How Can Scents Help Your Business?

We work with businesses and clients, helping them to incorporate fragrances into their overall customer experience.

Through the power of fragrance, not only does this help to increase revenues but research has shown that 84% of people were willing to pay more for products when scents were present and being used.

Scent Marketing – What Is It?

Scent Marketing is on the rise and now considered to be an essential part of branding. This is by using specifically chosen fragrances.

Helping brands, businesses and clients – we help them to choose the correct fragrance to connect, communicate and help with their brand identity, guest and customer experience.

Hotels, Travel & Spa – Working together, we can help you to find the ultimate fragrance for welcoming your guests at check-in. Combine this with specifically chosen scents to create a calm and soothing atmosphere for customers on their spa-breaks.

Brand Stores – We can help you to create a connection between “Brand” and “Customer” by using specially selected fragrances.

Office & Workplace – Helping to keep staff and colleagues motivated with uplifting, energising fragrances. Using the correct scents is key.

Hospitals – Keep staff, patients and visitors feeling comforted and calm with specially developed clean, fresh and soothing fragrances.

Coffee Shops – Did you know that a lot of coffee shops use fragrances to attract customers? We can help with this due to our range of rich fragrances.

We can help you with your scent marketing. Get in touch with our team.