Scented Wax Melts In The UK


Scented Wax Melts In The UK

Here at ShopSense, we bring you the very best products at the most affordable prices!

Our wax melts and scented products are all made right here in the UK – using the finest ingredients.

Our Ingredients & Mission

We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful smelling home – without compromising on the quality.

As we mention on our product posts, we use high-quality ingredients in all our products to make sure that all you lovely customers get a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance.

Our soy wax, used in wax melts, is high-quality and of course – vegan-friendly! (We love animals)

Wax Melt Options

We have quickly grown with our wax melts as you all love them and right now, we have the following options available.

Original Wax Melt Pots

These are our go-to pots. We use these in our bundles and for our £1 wax melt pots.

Scented Segment Wax Melt Pots

Here we have a relatively new addition to our range – these are larger than our original wax melt pots.

With 6 segments, you can use each segment chunk in your wax burner for a lovely, long-lasting fragrance.

Luxury Wax Melt Pots

Our luxury wax melts are the largest pots that we have available – well, they’re not pots exactly but they’re luxurious!

With a generous sprinkling of glitter, we also wrap these with our lovely ribbons (different colours and styles) so not only do they look great, they’re wonderful ideas for gifts too!

Wholesale Options

For those of you who are interested in stocking or selling our products, please get in touch with the team for wholesale and trade options. Email Us.

We have lots of wonderful products and fragrances coming to the website so make sure you keep checking back for all the latest!



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