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ShopSense and NAViGO

A lot of you may not know but here at ShopSense, we work with a variety of companies and groups for different projects.

A few months ago, we were contacted by NAViGO to work with them on some wonderful well-being boxes for their staff – as a way for the NAViGO group to say Thank You to their team.

Through our products, our aim is to provide fragrances that not only smell wonderful but can also help to soothe, calm and even help with lowering stress levels. Of course, we were all delighted to help and work with NAViGO.

Working hard, the ShopSense team made over 2000 Wax Bars, in a variety of beautiful best-selling fragrances whilst also keeping up the production of our regular stock.

Once ready, the Wax Bars were then sent to NAViGO for them to be packed into the wellbeing boxes and in the photo below, you can see the NAViGO team with ShopSense Wax Bars, putting together the special well being boxes for their staff.


When we received the photos from NAViGO, we were all so happy. Love and care goes into each and every product which is made at ShopSense HQ.

Just knowing that we have been a part of something so meaningful and special makes everything worthwhile.

The NAViGO team also kindly sent photos to us from their Health and Wellbeing Magazine (featuring ShopSense) – using the hashtag #WEARENAVIGO



Mental health service providers Navigo CIC, based in Grimsby, wanted to show their staff how much they appreciated the hard work they had all put in continuously over the past year, dealing with the challenges of Covid-19 in the workplace and at the home.

The wonderful idea, thought up by Jo Keen, Liz Scott and Polly Barber of a well-being box was the perfect way to say thank you.

The well being box named the U BOX was filled with 4 wonderful treats, a positive quote and the relevant information for the health and wellness for each Month.

A leaflet with tips and how to ease stress at home and in the workplace was featured in the box – along with items for a cup of tea and biscuits to nibble on whilst reading.


NAViGO: “There wasn’t a great budget so the ladies set to asking if anyone could help. We had wonderful feedback from ShopSense who did a fantastic deal for us – along with other businesses too.”

“The feedback we have received from all of our staff who received the U Boxes was amazing.”

“The aromas from the Wax Melts are the talk of the town and was a very welcome treat for everyone! We are so very grateful that ShopSense was able to help us support our 750 staff members.”


ShopSense: “We want to say a massive thank you to NAViGO for allowing us to work with them on their wellbeing boxes. We all know how difficult the last year has been for staff across the UK and we want to support and help in any way that we can.”

“Each product is made with love and care and our aim is to provide fragrances for the home which not only leave your home smelling lovely but can also help to calm and reduce stress levels. After all, we have been spending more time at home.”

“Home should be a place of comfort and relaxation – allowing you to get away from daily stresses.”

“The ShopSense team wants everyone at NAViGO to know that we appreciate you all and we are so happy to see the wonderful feedback.”

Team ShopSense


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