How We Work


We Make New Products Daily

Here at ShopSense HQ, we are passionate about our products and we make new batches – daily!

We are committed to bringing you the best. Every product is carefully made, crafted and blended, by hand, to bring you beautiful, room-filling fragrances for your home.

The team tests products from each batch to make sure we bring you high-quality products.



We Receive Your Order

Once you place an order through the website, you’ll see that it’s marked as ‘processing’. This means that your order is with the packing team.

The packing team starts work by getting your order packed, checking the system and packing the items which are listed on your order. Items are marked off on the packing system, as the team go through everything.

From there, orders are then checked by three different people before items are wrapped and packed.



Packing Your Order

The team make sure that all your items are packed and wrapped carefully – this includes bubble wrapping products or using packing chips to make sure they’re protected whilst in transit.

Where possible, we recycle and re-use packaging boxes and materials that we are sent so you may also receive alternative boxes and packaging.


Our Products & Guidance

Wax Melts

Here at ShopSense, we all take pride in our products and we’re all committed to bringing you the best products for your home.

All our wax products are carefully made and blended using the finest soy wax and fragrance oils to bring you lovely, room-filling fragrance – all of which are vegan friendly, cruelty free.

We recommend cutting the wax melts into 4-6 pieces and adding a chunk to your wax burner or electric wax warmer, admiring the lovely fragrance.

The soy wax which we use in our products is biodegradable, vegan friendly and cruelty free.


Scented Sizzlers

Also known as simmering granules, they’re relatively new to the market and they are a great alternative to wax melts.

You use them in the same way as wax melts (on a tea-light wax burner or electric wax warmer) placing approx 2 teaspoons of granules to your burner and letting the fragrance fill the room.

Feel free to add more than 2 teaspoons of granules to your burner (if your burner is large enough) for a stronger scent. This is down to personal preference.

Sizzlers will lose their colour but don’t worry, you can re-use them until there’s no scent left.

Once completely cool, empty into the bin and move on to the next scent.


Wax Melt Burners

Wax Melts and Sizzlers should only be used on wax burners. Oil Burners are NOT suitable.

We have been made aware that many customers use oil burners however we advise against using oil burners as they’re not designed for wax melts.

Oil Burners are not designed for wax melts or sizzlers as the flame tends to be closer to the dish and can get too hot – overheating the wax or sizzlers and not giving you the desired results.

We only recommend using a tea light wax burner or electric wax warmer – if unsure, please check the packaging of your burner.

Always place your wax burner (tea light or electric) on a level surface.

Please keep out of reach of children and pets.

Never place a wax burner or candle near a heat source.

Never leave a burning candle or wax burner unattended.

Keep burning candles and wax burners away from an open window or draft.

Never touch or move a candle or wax burner when the wax is liquid or when sizzlers are hot. Let it cool and set before moving.

Wax Melts – We recommend cutting wax melts into 4-6 pieces, adding a chunk to your wax burner or electric wax warmer and letting the fragrance fill the room.

Scented Sizzlers – We recommend adding 2 full teaspoons of granules to your wax burner or electric wax warmer, admiring the room-filling fragrance.


Carpet Powder

Our carpet powders are made by hand and beautifully scented to freshen, clean and help to remove bad odours within the home.

Simply sprinkle a generous amount onto your carpets and rugs, letting the powder settle for a minimum of 15 minutes before hoovering.

You can also use carpet powder on the following:

Mattresses – Remove the sheets and sprinkle a small amount onto your mattress to help freshen. Leave for 15 minutes before hoovering.

Ashtrays – Sprinkle a small amount into ashtrays to help freshen and remove bad odours.

Mop Bucket – Add a small amount into your mop bucket, along with your normal cleaning products for a fragrance boost.

Please Note: Although it’s completely safe to use, we recommend keeping pets and young children away whilst the carpet powder settles.


Car Perfume

Our car perfumes are extremely popular and a lovely way to freshen and fragrance a space.

Undo the lid and remove the plastic sealer which is inside. Place the lid back on and tilt slightly to saturate the cork which will freshen and fragrance the space.

Every week or so, tilt slightly to continue saturating the cork which will release the fragrance.

Due to our supplier, bottles can vary in style and colour.


Room Spray

A wonderful way to freshen your home by using our Room Sprays. They are made carefully and blended to provide a lovely, room-filling fragrance – available in many scents.

Before use, shake the bottle and spritz around the room and your home.

You can also use Room Spray on the following:

Room Spray – Use around the home and spritz to freshen and fragrance the rooms.

Cushions – From a distance, spritz onto cushions.

Pot Pourri – Refresh your pot pourri and from a distance spritz some of your favourite room spray.



Completing Your Order & Shipping

When an order is placed on the website, you’ll see that it’s status is listed as ‘processing’ which means that the packing team is getting your order ready.

Once your order has been checked, items marked off on the system and carefully packed, the packing team will then mark it as ‘completed’.

From here, your order is scheduled in for collection with either Royal Mail, APC or UPS.

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