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Wax Melt Christmas Cracker – Gift Ideas


Wax Melt Christmas Cracker

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at ShopSense, we’ve put together a lovely selection of Christmas bundles and gift sets for you to enjoy – especially if you love home fragrances.

What You Get – Christmas Cracker

As you can see, our lovely Wax Melt Christmas Cracker is filled with a random selection of wax melts and scented sizzlers.

6 x Wax Melts

6 x Scented Sizzlers

We have plenty of lovely fragrance so if you’re looking to choose your scents, please email us and we’ll be happy to help!

How To Use – Wax Melts

All our original wax melts come in pots and each wax melt can be broken / cut into four pieces.

Add a piece to your dry wax burner and admire the beautiful fragrance that will fill your home.

For a more intense fragrance, you can also use a whole wax melt.

How To Use – Scented Sizzlers

Sizzlers are also known as simmering granules and they’re a nice alternative to wax melts.

They’re easy to clean after use and with our Christmas Cracker, you get to try both options!

We recommend using around 1-2 teaspoons of sizzlers on your wax burner.

Suitable for both, tealight wax burners and electric burners.

Our Products – ShopSense (ShopScents)

We pride ourselves in providing high-quality products, all of which are made with the finest ingredients and soy wax.

This means that you, our lovely customers, get long-lasting and beautiful fragrances that make your home smell amazing.

Everything is vegan friendly, cruelty free and paraben free!

Here at ShopSense HQ, we’re happy to say that our items are pet-friendly and child friendly too!

Dispatch & Postage

We work all hours and our aim is to get all orders dispatched within 1-2 working days.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the team and someone will be happy to help!


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