What Are Scented Sizzlers?

Are you looking for an alternative to Wax Melts? Look no further as we have a fantastic alternative product that you can use for your home fragrances.

About Sizzlers

Sizzlers are also known as Simmering Granules and they’re an alternative to wax melts.

Our unique blend of ingredients makes our scented sizzlers amongst the best on the market as they’re rich with a room-filling fragrance.

We are happy to say that our customers love our sizzlers due to the fact that they’re strong in their scents and they provide a room-filling fragrance for everyone to enjoy.

How Do You Use Scented Sizzlers?


You can use scented sizzlers in exactly the same way as your wax melts.

Depending on the size of your wax burner, we recommend using 2-3 teaspoons of sizzlers or simmering granules, adding the crystals to your wax burner dish.

Did You Know? You can use a wax melt liner in your dish with our scented sizzlers.

As the scented sizzlers heat, they will release fragrance into the room, providing you with a fantastic, room filling fragrance.

You can continue using your scented sizzlers again until there is no fragrance left being released.

Once cool, you simply empty them into the bin and choose your next scent.

Suitable for use with tea light candle burners and electric wax warmers.

(Sizzlers will lose their colour or fade. This is completely normal and you can continue using them until there is not fragrance being released.)

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