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What are Scented Sizzlers?

Simmering Granules are also known as Scented Sizzlers and they’re a wonderful alternative to Wax Melts.

They’re incredibly easy to use and provide a fantastic fragrance to make any space smell incredible.

Our Scented Sizzlers – What’s The Difference?


At ShopSense, the aim is to bring our customers quality scented products.

We have our dedicated team that make everything with care and love.

Our Sizzlers are considered to be amongst ‘the best on the market’ and this is due to their room-filling fragrances.

Our Blend – Scented Sizzlers

scented sizzlers

When it comes to our scented sizzlers, our unique blend is something we are proud of as we have spent time to master this.

Using quality ingredients and fragrance oils to make sure we provide a strong scent – with each use.

Keeping our sizzlers in our tamper-evident tubs, they’re fresh and can be re-sealed between uses.

How Do Sizzlers Work?


You can use scented sizzlers in exactly the same way as your wax melts.

As they heat, the fragrance is released into the space – providing you with a beautiful fragrance to make any space smell fantastic.

They are suitable for use with tea light candle burners (as pictured) or electric wax warmers.

We also recommend having a look at our wax melt liners, they line the inside of the dish, keeping your wax warmer clean.

Along with this, the wax melt liners also help to make the fragrances last even longer – result!

Did You Know? You can continue re-using your sizzlers until there’s no fragrance being released.

How Do I Use Scented Sizzlers?

We recommend using 2-3 teaspoons of sizzlersor simmering granules, adding them to your wax burner and letting the beautiful fragrance fill the space.

You can adjust the quantity, depending on the size of your wax burner.

Please note that sizzlers or simmering granules will lose their colour or fade. This is completely normal and you can continue using them until there is no fragrance being released.

Do You Supply Scented Sizzlers Wholesale?

Yes, we do supply our products, including our wax melts and scented sizzlers via wholesale.

You can get in touch with a dedicated team member or click wholesale scented products to sign up.

For any help in regards to fragrances, you can get in touch with us as we have hundreds of scents available – not all of them are on our site.

Thank you for reading, we have more posts coming soon.

Team ShopSense

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