What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water?


Lemon Water – What Are The Benefits?

Natural ingredients and remedies are becoming ever-popular with Lemon Water being on the rise! More and more people are adding this to their daily, normally morning, routine for the simple fact – it’s something which benefits everyone.

In this post, we’re sharing some key points on why Lemon Water is good for you and how it can benefit you.

Good Source of Vitamin C

Overall, citrus fruits are known for their Vitamin C properties and anti-oxidants, helping to protect cells and your immune system. Did you know – drinking lemon water can also help to prevent common colds!

Helps Improve Skin Quality

The Vitamin C which is found in lemons (and other citrus fruits) can be a real boost for your skin. When drinking lemon water it helps to replenish your body and skin, preventing the development of wrinkles, fine lines and due to balancing properties – helps to reduce breakouts.

Prevents Constipation and Helps Digestive System

Many people drink lemon water in the morning to help with their digestive system. Helping to prevent constipation and overall, helping the digestive system.

The lemon taste stimulates the “Agni” and this jump-starts the digestive system, helping you to digest food easier and also helps to prevent the buildup of toxins.

Can Help With Weight Loss

Over time, we have seen that many people benefit from drinking warm lemon water – even helping with weight loss. This is due to the polyphenol anti-oxidants which are found in lemons, helping to reduce weight gain and helping to speed up your metabolism.

A great way to kick-start your healthy lifestyle.

Please note, you need to follow a healthy balanced diet.

Freshens Breath

Lemons are a wonderful way for removing strong odours – for example, rub lemon on your hands to remove the smell of garlic or onion. The same applies here.

When you drink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning, it helps to remove the bacteria and build-up which causes bad breath.

Already Drink Lemon Water? Try This!

If you already drink lemon water in the morning, add some of the following fresh ingredients to your drink for a change in flavour and added benefits.

Fresh Mint Leaves – Add a few mint leaves to your lemon water.
The cleanses, hydrates and freshens. In the summer months, turn this into a cool morning drink to revitalise your body.

Fresh Ginger – Add 2-3 thin slices of fresh ginger to your warm lemon water. This is great for the winter months or colder days, helping to prevent colds, warms and gives your skin a lovely radiant glow. (Ginger has many benefits including helping with your immune system, helping cells and preventing colds)

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