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Yankee Inspired Black Cherry

Yankee Inspired Black Cherry Sizzlers

One of the most popular fragrances in our collection.

Black Cherry is a fruity  fragrance that will fill your home with notes of sweet black cherry, almond and vanilla.

What makes this extremely popular is the blend of warming notes and fruity tones.

Scented Sizzlers – What Are They?

Sizzlers are aroma granules / crystals and as you can see in the photo – they’re used exactly like your wax melts.

Place them on your wax burner and let the fragrance fill the room.

Stronger in scent and much easier to clean compared to wax melts.

Sizzler Tips

Did You Know? You can use sizzlers in organza bags too! Place them around your home for continuous fragrance.

Hang them in your wardrobe, in cupboards and use them in your car for a beautiful fragrance.

Shop – Black Cherry Sizzlers

You can see a variety of our sizzlers.


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